Greta Thunberg’s speeches taking over the world, Covid19, the growing shift to electric cars and so many more things have made people curious and driven to read more and more about what is happening to the environment today on their daily newspaper or rather their notification bars since it is Feb 2021 today.

The Antarctic is melting, what about the polar bears and their food? pollution is at an all-time high, what about the amount of people dying from it? more pandemics will occur in the future, more irrational weather. The list of news honestly is never ending.

The building…

Today “sustainably curated” “recycled” “vegan” “cruelty free” are some of the few words a lot of consumers have started to eye on while buying products. People have become more cautious about what they put on their body and in their homes so as to be aware about how their actions are affecting the world today.

This buzz among consumers is also present in finance with the name “sustainable finance” today. And let me tell you, it is high time we get used to all these words if you aren’t already.

Sustainable finance, green finance and impact investing revolve in the…

Eisha Beley

Learning and giving my thoughts on climate change and finance

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